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NADA GB Training
Trainer; Constable
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4 days starting Tuesday 29th May 2018

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Who do we Train?

Our students come from diverse backgrounds including all areas of the NHS, as well social workers, nurses, medical doctors, carers, psychologists, acupuncturists and alternative therapists, chiropractors, outreach workers, corrections officers, court judges, ex-veterans, asylum seekers, among many others.

Barefoot Training, Krowji, West Park
Redruth Cornwall

plus ‘’ training on request for staff teams with a minimum of six people. If you are interested please contact us on 01209 821965
Nic Constable, trainer 

    This is a course in the competent use acupuncture points to aid the management of Psychological and Emotion Mental Health and Rehabilitation as well as Boosting General Wellbeing.
    The course covers the following;
    • Origins of Auricular Acupuncture for Detox and Stress management
    • Health and Safety,
    • Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it relates to modern issues such as addiction, stress as well as Psychological and Emotional
    • Client Handling,
    • Needling Techniques
    • Point Location
    • Qi Gong for both the practitioner as well as the client
    • How to set up the clinic space
    • Research findings
    • Certification and insurance
    • Where to get the supplies needed to run the clinic
    By the end of the students will have all the information they need to set up and run an Auricular Acupuncture clinic
    We also support all of our students throughout their work for as long as they need us, we offer sessions at our Redruth clinic every other month and all trainees can come and practice at our community clinics.
    Total Cost £450
    This includes Clinical supervision which is mandatory before you can start to use your new skills plus your first years NADA Gb annual registration.

    Annual Reassessment

    An annual assessment is mandatory for all practitioners to ensure that the highest clinical practice standards are maintained and in order to remain on the NADA GB register and insured.

    A NADA GB approved assessor will carry out the assessment. NADA GB will notify you when your assessment is due, but you may also contact an assessor in a location near you to arrange a suitable time prior to this.

    Also, please contact an assessor if your name is not on the register and you wish to be reinstated.

    It is mandatory to do an annual re-assessment in order to maintain your Insurance.
    This is a requirement for NADA GB.
    Re-assessments can be done by Constable. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange their annual assessment before their current certificate expires.
    for details of our training course please contact Joy, our Practice Manager on 01209 821965 or email [email protected]