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Student Comments
  • Very enjoyable course, excellent learning environment, great atmosphere
  • Very good explanations, Nic shows a good depth of knowledge and a balanced approach between fun and focus making the course very enjoyable.
  • Nic teaches in such a relaxed manner I didn't realise how much we had covered until I revised for my assessment. Really enjoyed the course and would recommend Barefoot training without reservation.
  • Nic manages to hold your interest/attention throughout the whole course which is important when training solidly for a full week.
  • Nic was able to put across " Keeping it simple", an ideal for this level of training. Very informative responses to questions, everything was covered and plenty of time to practice
  • Appreciated the informal and enthusiastic approach of the trainer, with emphasis on Health and Safety
  • I felt confident asking Nic questions, he has a very approachable and sensitive persona. His passion for acupuncture was continuously demonstrated- very infectious
  • Nic was very aware of and sympathetic towards the various needs of the trainees
  • Nic was so willing to help which gives you confidence, his friendly disposition is the key-thank you